Monday, September 24, 2012

All My Mods Work With The Patch 1.38

I just checked them and they are all compatible with the new(ish) patch 1.38. This includes all the mods in Virtual Artisan X too.

I did finally fix the True Blood so that humans no longer order it in bars, so you might want to redownload it.

Real Blood Is For Suckers

All the other mods have not changed. Again, I only changed the link names. So trust the patch information in download link, not in the package name.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

About The Patch 1.38

Finally online again! Thanks for the comments. I've read them all and I really appreciate you commenting. And no, I have no forgotten the fixes to my old mods, I'm just slow implementing them!

I'm traveling and I have no way to test and update my mods now. It will still be couple of weeks until I get home and have time for that.

I did check the list of features for the new patch and I did not find anything there affecting my mods. Also, Pose Player has not needed any update, so I assume the Add-On is probably fine with the new patch too.  But, as said, I cannot check out the compatibility myself right now.