The Shopping Page

I offer here shop links to buy things that you might buy anyway. If you buy them through my links, you will donate me some pennies while you go. I will only advertise things that I like myself so there is no crap on sale here!

The Little Book of Earrings
This is an ingenious way to store earrings.

Buy The Little Book of Earrings

Redfoot Folding Shoes
These shoes are a life-saver. They fit inside your pocket when folded and weigh almost nothing.

I bought them as my city barefoot shoes after I grew tired of people staring at my feet when I used Vibram Fivefingers. I also use them when I go partying and want to switch from high heels to flats when my feet get tired. And I always take them with me when I travel abroad or when we go motorcycling.

I have several pairs of the black (Chelsea) flats on the right, the ones with simple black bow. Next time I'll probably go for the fancier ones.

You can get these from Presents for Men/ Gifts for the Girls. It is a British shop that delivers all over the world. There are also RedFoot folding sandals and rubber boots available in that shop.

Buy Me A Cup of Tea
Would you like to buy me a cup of tea?

I don't want massive donations, please. That would make me feel obliged to provide more stuff. I like my freedom, but a cup of tea as a thanks for what I have already created would be fine.


  1. Its good read . keep posting These shoes are a life-saver. They fit inside our pocket when folded and weigh almost nothing.Folding shoes

    1. Thanks for the link. The CocoRose pumps look good too. They seem to have some kind of a leather sole pads. Are they wearable outside too? And they are more expensive too. But pretty :)

  2. I'd definitely buy you a cup of tea :) Thank you again for being awesome!

    1. Thank you so much, that was my first donation ever! And thank you too, I love your stories, even though I'm often too lazy to comment.