Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pose Player Add-On Update

While I was checking the patch compliance, I finished a new feature for the add-on. So please go and download the Pose Player Interaction Add-on V3.

I fixed the Look At interaction so that you can select to look at objects too. Mura, thanks for letting me know that it was not working!

Here is some information about the new Facial Expressions interaction.

Change Facial Expression

You can now change the facial expression of a posing sim. Opens a new dialog where you can choose one of the EA facial expressions. I admit, most of them look funny. There is a minor bug too - sometimes the posing sims stop posing instead of changing the expression.

Similar to Look At, resets the pose so you cannot use Look At and Facial Expressions at the same time. Like with Look At, selecting same expression/target several times may get you different results :)

The Patch 1.42 Update

All my mods are compatible with the patch 1.42. This includes all the mods in Virtual Artisan X.

Again, none of my mods needed updating.

I also changed my system a bit since I grew tired of updating the packages and links in every post even though the mod needed no update. So, I added the current patch to the right. 

Again, no matter what the downloaded package name says, the blog post link describes the correct patch levels.