The Sims 3 objects in this blog are my gift to you. So go ahead, upload them with your lots, grab the meshes, textures, code or whatever you need. You are welcome!

I do have 3 wishes:
  1. Add something of your own when uploading my creations
  2. If you use my code, please use your own namespace so that people can have both mods
  3. Credit/link to the Virtual Artisan would be nice, but not mandatory

And I have 3 no-nos:
  1. Don't claim my creations your own
  2. Don't sell my creations or creations derived from them
  3. Don't hotlink to my images

While the objects themselves are free, I will try to sell my blog traffic. There may be ads, and there may be download delays. If you absolutely don't want delays or ads, you can fetch the same stuff from virtual-artisan-s3mods codebase.

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