Saturday, November 26, 2011

Half-tile Industrial Ladder

I am quite proud of my first download, so I though to present it to you better. Here it is, half-tile industrial ladder.

I am using the ladder in a beach house, located in the Aspen Islands. The beachline lots are one of the most beautiful places to live in. At night, you can see the lights of the downtown right across the bay. Little Taffy Nails is sleeping in his basket.

Windows and doors by Funny --- Beachy wood pattern by Nengi65 --- Floor wood paneling pattern by Ayyuff/TSR *Pay* --- Shabby white table and plant box by Yarona in Sims 3 Models Forum --- Owl cushion by Sarah in LivingSims Forum --- Blue glass bottle by Sarah/Awesims --- Kitchen table and bench on the deck by Pocci/GardenBreeze --- Kitchen chairs by SailfinSims --- Painting and sofas by Cemre/TSR *Pay* --- Stove by PlasticBox/MTS --- Wicker basket by LivingDeadGirl/TSR *Pay*
Here are two other shots, showing both Taffy and the ladder better.

Seating by the window by Sarah/Awesims 

Suitcase dresser by dgandy/TSR - Bathtub by Pocci/Gardenbreeze

The ladder takes you upstairs, to the sleeping nook. Here is also the balcony, with wonderful views over the bay.

Half wall by Gosik/TSR --- Accordion table by Bau/B5Studio --- Bed by Sandy --- Roman blinds by Sailfindragon 

Extra Credits:
This ladder uses animation removing script by Inge Jones.

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