Monday, April 16, 2012

Real Blood Is For Suckers

Your vampire sims are no longer forced to drink the American Plasma Juice. This mod will bring them Japanese synthetic Tru Blood.

Yes, I am a True Blood fan. I started reading the books, but I love the TV series too. So I just had to do this mod.

Floor by Nengi64 --- Walls by Aikea Guinea--- Tyre by Cyclonesue ***Pay*** --- Matresses by ATSSandy --- Pants from Club Crimsyn --- Shoes by ??? --- Brick pattern by Cyclonesue --- Flower pattern by ??? --- WormWood pattern by Revenessa

The Tru Blood is available in the fridge and microwave and you can also buy it in buy/build mode. The category is small appliances, the same where the microwave is. When you select the drink from fridge, your sim will have it cold and when you select it from the microwave, your sim will warm it up in the microwave first.

Your vampire sims will autonomously drink Tru Blood, but only if microwave is available - they will not autonomously have it cold.

As the beverage is in the fridge, your non-vampire sims can also consume it, but only if you force them to. They will get nauseous and throw up, though.

Sookie sim by HystericalParoxysm --- Bar by Miuki (Aspen Islands)

Tru Blood is available also in bars. It costs the same as regular drink and vampire sims will order it autonomously. When sims drink Tru Blood in bars, the bottle will disappear after it is consumed, just like regular drink glasses. The drink reactions are same as for regular drink.

Suit by Rusty Nail --- Bar by Miuki (Aspen Islands)

The animations are off - the drinking animation is the same as in Plasma Juice. So the sims will just raise the bottle near their mouth and suck like the straw would still be there. I did try different animations, but I did not find animation that would have looked any better, they are all off. If I would have made the bottle bigger, it would have looked better, but I rather have it near original size.

Bottle mesh has 154 vertices and 180 faces so it should be quite OK for a food. 

I made this mod so that it should not conflict with Ingredients Overhaul or Moar Interactions, but I don't have those mods myself. It might be that Tru Blood does not appear to the fridge when they are present, but it might as well work too.

If you are interested in trying to do custom sims foods yourself, I published some info to MTS


Mod type: Script Mod, NON-CORE
Required EPs: Late Night
Known conflicting mods: None
Known Issues: Sometimes the interaction does not appear to new microwaves.
If that happens, the interaction will appear after you start the game next time 



True Blood drink is created by Charlaine Harris and appears in her Southern Vampire book series. 
Real life Tru Blood beverage and bottle design by HBO
Charlaine Harris and HBO, thank you for the entertainment!

This is an unofficial True Blood fan item and not connected to HBO or Charlaine Harris
No copyright infringement intended, this Sims 3 mod is a free download and not for sale

As always, I got some invaluable help from other modders:
Inge helped me to create objects out of world
CmoMoney teached me how to deal with objects that have geostates
I peeked inside BlackCat007's ingredients overhaul mod for ideas 


  1. This is incredible, will definitely be using it. Thank you so much!

  2. Love the mod! Is there a way to stop humans from drinking it? I see humans in bars drinking it nearly 85% of the time

    1. Thanks!

      Lol, humans definitely should not be drinking it as they will throw up after. I set it to satisfy only vampire thirst, but I think I need to disable the whole option (in bars) for humans. I'll do that when the next patch is up and I need to modify the code again. Thanks for telling me!

  3. Would it be possible at all to make this default replacement? I love your vampire mods, and have already edited my game's STBL so that plasma juice is now Tru Blood, so this would be the icing on top of the cake for me.

    1. I don't promise anything, but I'll take a look at it. I still have the bug that xXPrettyNekoXx found above to be fixed too.

  4. Hope you haven't forgot about the problem with human sims drinking it. Just want to make sure since Supernatural will be here soon.

    1. Nope, if its in the issue tracker I won't forget. Everything else I definitely will forget, LOL. That should be corrected now, have fun!

  5. Just curious if anyone is having issues with this mod and patch 1.39. My sim resets anytime I try to get him to drink Tru Blood.

  6. So I'm still having trouble with this mod. The interaction appears on the fridge, I click on it, my sim goes to the fridge and when they get there the interaction is dropped from the queue.

    I'm updated to patch 1.42 and have the latest version of this mod

    1. I'm patched to 1.42 myself... and I have not seen them drop the interaction. So, I have no idea what could cause it for you.

      The drinkers are vampires, right? I've been trying to tweak the mod so that humans would not be drinking it anymore, but it seems a bit tricky to implement as human bartenders should be able to serve it...

    2. yes, the sim is definitely a vampire. Just tested it again in game.

  7. Hi! Just wanted to tell you that after patch 1.55 the bottle lags my camera and makes any sim unclickable.
    Don't think everyone has this problem, but I can't really find any mod that would conflict with it. Is there maybe an update in the near future? I really like this creation!

    1. It looks like several of my mods have been broken with patch 1.55. I probably will not have extra time to update the mods in the near future.


    2. Thanks for the reply! I'll keep hoping! Thanks for all your great stuff anyway! <3