Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pose Player Add-on Updated

Pose Player Add-on is updated to be compatible with new version of Cmomoney's Pose Player that was published today.

Now you can have poses for animals. I also added the missing Pose By Name... interaction.

So go and download the Pose Player Add-on V1 and don't forget to also download new Pose Player from MTS.

There are not many animal poses available yet, but you can start by downloading Born Free Pose Pack for Horses by Cmomoney and Kitty Pose Pack by Orangemittens.


  1. Thank you !! That's awesome !!

  2. I am still having a problem with this add on. At least until I try this new update. I do hope it works because this seems totally awesome! Previously my game would freeze and then stop working leaving me no choice but to have to shut my game down or my game would alert me that it was shutting down. It would happen after using the pose player a couple of times and when I'd try to close out of a pose the game would freeze. I will post results after I try this updated version and the updated version on mts. Fingers crossed!!

    1. Thanks for telling me. I'll be happy to try and fix the bug if I can repeat it on my game.

      But for that I'd need you to tell me exactly how to repeat it. Can you tell me the interactions that you were using and details? Like were you in home lot or community, how many sims were involved and whether you used interactions from only sims or pose player too. Were you canceling the poses using stop posing interaction or some other way?

  3. Hello. I've been using this mod and it works perfectly. The only problem i came across was that after opening my game it said that some objects were missing. And then i saw that most of my cc were missing. But when i ran without the mod, every cc showed up. Can anyone help?