Sunday, July 15, 2012

All My Mods Are Compatible With Patch 1.36

I've checked my mods against the new 1.36 patch. Even though they all compiled fine, I got warnings from two of them so I fixed and recompiled those just to make sure. I think you probably will not get any major problems even if you will not update them, but I just wanted to make sure they are all up to date with the new patch.

When you update to patch 1.36, please re-download these mods:

Pose Player Interaction Add-on
Dead People Don't Glow

All the other mods are fine and you don't need to re-download them.

I did update the links to the other mods, but this time I was too lazy to update the packages themselves. So the link will say e.g. patches 1.33-1.36 and the downloaded zip says just patches 1.33-1.34. That just means that the mod did not need any update for 1.36 and will work fine.

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